History of Dental Oral Sedation

Dental sedation has been around since the late 1800s. Though dental oral sedation is very common now, it was not as succinct back then. Out of all the methods of sedation, oral sedation is the most popular and least invasive methods.

A brief history

Sedation in the dental world was not always as easy and full of options to tailor to the patient. Nitrous oxide was discovered almost a hundred years before it was used, in the late 1700s, it was not applied to dentistry until 1840. Horace Wells first used nitrous oxide successfully for the extraction of his tooth. Though unfortunately while demonstrating his use the dose was miscalculated and it looked as though his findings had failed him. This caused a block in using his finding.

Dental oral sedation via nitrous oxide was not officially used in medical practice until 1946 when it was finally reconsidered. 1946 is the first modern appearance of dental anesthesia.  Before the 1940s, cocaine was used before moving to cinchocaine and lignocaine. Cocaine was very temperamental and creating the correct dose was hard so that is when professionals began using cinchocaine and lignocaine.

Today's available techniques

Today, there are several types of sedation techniques. one of the most popular is oral sedation. it gives the patient a large gap from minimum to maximum sedation levels this is achieved by drugs in a pill form like Valium. Some other options are Xanax and Vistaril. Oral sedation does not put the patient out but other sedate them into the desired level of a calm stupor.

This is an easy method to keep the patient calm and worry free without the stress of other more complicated methods, Though the most popular method presently is Oral sedation there are some other common options too. Inhaled minimal sedation, IV conscious sedation, and General anesthesia. Not only is oral sedation the easiest method to administer it also has a lot of other benefits. It is cost effective.

Other benefits of oral sedation

Many higher risk options like full on anesthesia can cost hundreds of dollars where a bottle of valium can go as low as one dollar depending on the insurance. It's a lot more appealing because this method does not utilize needles or any pain inducing instruments. Oral sedation is a lot easier to regulate to if you have already had experience with a specific anxiety medication.

A lot of people who suffer from anxiety on a regular basis already have a favorite medicine or something they know works the best.  Oral medications used for dental sedation react differently to each person so sometimes prior experience is helpful. Knowledge of oral sedation is acquired through schooling there are classes offered in Oral Sedation Dentistry across the United States.

Call Gentle Biodentistry for dental sedation options today

During a consultation, we can help determine the most effective type of sedation technique to meet your needs. The important part is that you receive the care you need while remaining comfortable and safe. Therefore, we will review your medical history and current condition to determine the most effective treatment plan.

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