Oral Surgeon, Dr. Farzan Alamirad Can Prepare You for Surgery

Oral Surgeon, Dr. Farzan  AlamiradAs an Oral Surgeon, Dr. Farzan Alamirad knows that many patients are confused about the difference between a regular dentist visit and an appointment for oral surgery. Typically, oral surgery will take place in our clinic or at a hospital. There are several factors that significantly differentiate oral surgery from a regular dentist visit. Despite the fact that dentists use numerous tools to work in your mouth, they are not actually performing surgeries. If you have oral surgery, you will need to be placed under local or general anesthesia in order to reduce your discomfort. In addition to this, your recovery time will be significantly longer than with most procedures done at a regular dental visit.

Oral surgeries are used to cure very significant problems in the mouth, with the gums, or with the jawbone. One good example of an oral surgery is the placing of dental implants. While this is a surgery to replace teeth, it does involve a process whereby a tiny titanium screw is attached directly to the jaw.

From the perspective of Oral Surgeon, Dr. Farzan Alamirad , it is important that you understand what to expect so that you can prepare for oral surgery. As you prepare for an oral surgery, your best bet is not to think of it as a dentist visit but rather, to consider it in the light of the fact that it is actually a surgery. There are very specific instructions that will be given to you, and oral surgeon Dr. Farzan Alamirad and our staff will be happy to provide you with detailed information on what you should and should not do immediately before the surgery. One of the most important things is to avoid eating or drinking for eight to 12 hours before the surgery scheduled to be performed. Exact details will be provided based on your individual case.

We also strongly advise that you make preparations for after the surgery, make allowance for your recovery time, and ensure that you will have a successful healing process.  One of the critical recommendations that you will receive from Oral Surgeon, Dr. Farzan Alamirad is to make sure you bring somebody to be in the waiting room during the surgical process. This person can be there to drive you home once the surgery is completed. Since we will be placing you under general, or local, anesthesia, part of our responsibility is to make sure you do not drive or attempt to travel by yourself while you are still recovering from the effects of the anesthesia. As an oral surgeon, Dr. Farzan Alamirad will not release you if you are not fully recovered from the anesthesia effect, something that could take several hours. If you have brought somebody with you to wait in the waiting room and to take you home, they will have the ability to drive you home and make sure you get there safely. Therefore, we will release you in the care of this person.

You should also plan on having ice packs, ibuprofen, water bottles and soft foods on hand for the few days following your surgery.  Get plenty of rest, avoid anything that could irritate your surgical site and you will feel better in short order.

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