Oral Surgeon or Oral Surgery From a Dentist?


At Gentle Biodentistry, we perform oral surgery on a regular basis and with amazing results. We provide our West Hills, CA patients with comprehensive care, which means you can visit the same dental office for a dental cleaning and teeth whitening that you visit for a tooth extraction or dental implants. The quality of care we provide is top-rate, we use sedation to keep you comfortable, and we can address all of your dental challenges in one office. This makes it far more convenient to visit us for all your dental needs, rather than seeing an oral surgeon specifically.

We can perform oral surgery to:

#1 - Remove an impacted or damaged tooth.

As a dentist, we prefer to restore your teeth, but if one is too damaged, we may need to perform a tooth extraction. This is typically a last resort, making it beneficial to visit a dentist instead of an oral surgeon. We will look at the least invasive solution first and only recommend an extraction if they are unlikely to produce positive results.

#2 - Extract wisdom teeth.

A wisdom tooth extraction may become necessary if your wisdom tooth is impacted, infected, or pushing your teeth forward. In fact, many parents schedule a wisdom tooth extraction after their child has worn braces due to concerns over their teeth shifting out of place.

#3 - Perform a sinus lift.

As a 91307 dentist and oral surgeon, we sometimes need to perform a sinus lift procedure in order to ready our patients for dental implants. This is often necessary due to the resorption that occurs after tooth loss.

#4 - Place dental implants.

At Gentle Biodentistry, we place dental implants on a regular basis, using this solution to permanently replace our patients' teeth. This is the only tooth replacement solution that is surgically placed, and by doing so, we can provide our West Hills patients with a greater level of stability. As a result, dental implants will remain secure regardless of what you are eating or what activities you are engaged in. They also look incredibly natural.

Schedule an Appointment With Our West Hills Dentist Office

Whether you need a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, sinus lift, or dental implants, we can assist you. Call (818) 883-7031 to schedule an appointment with our dental office. When you come in, we will discuss your needs and goals while presenting you with solutions that are custom-tailored to your specific situation. You can depend on us to provide you with thorough, comfortable, and compassionate dental care, even if you need oral surgery.

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